My Favorite Place So Far…

My favorite place on this trip has been Vernazza, Italy, in the region called Cinque Terre. Why? Maybe because it was warm and sunny every day, or maybe it’s because there was an amazing beach right next to us, or maybe it’s because half the people there spoke English. Vernazza is so beautiful. The Mediterranean’s water is so clear, and there are grape vines growing up the hill with green vegetation surrounding them. The old original buildings are really well kept and are really fun to stay in. Most of the people there speak English, so it was really fun to be able to talk to people and know where they’re from.

A little while ago, my dad’s camera broke, and he bought a new one. Well, it turned out his camera wasn’t really broken, so he had an extra camera that he gave to me since I loved taking pictures in Rome. My mom asked me to write about why Vernazza is my favorite place, so I did. When I was done, my dad helped me put it in a slide show with all my photos that I took in Vernazza. Thank you, David Glass (my old piano teacher), for letting me put your music in the slide show. My brother wrote about Vernazza, too, and his story is also in the slide show. (If you play the video full screen, you can read the words better.)

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Roaming in Rome

One day we were going on a day trip to somewhere in Spain, so my dad gave me his digital camera and told me to take a couple of pictures of whatever I liked. I took 234 photos. Read the rest of this entry »


When I Think of the Buddha–I Think of Shopping!

In my history book I am learning about Ancient India’s religions, so when we were in Hong Kong, we decided to visit the giant bronze Buddha. We didn’t actually mean to see the Buddha the day we did. We were going to see a museum, so we took a thirty-minute taxi ride all way to the museum only to find that it was closed. So, we jumped on the subway and went to the Buddha instead.

Hong Kong is really fun but the city is really busy.

Hong Kong was really fun but the city is really busy. I liked seeing all the shops, but I didn't like all the people on the sidewalks.

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Down Under With an Old Friend in a New Place

I haven’t been the only one traveling and trying new things. My friend Abby’s dad is the new United States Ambassador for Australia. Her whole family moved to the embassy about two months ago, so we decided to visit them in Canberra.

When we first got there, we took a tour of Canberra with the Bleiches.

When we first got there, we took a tour of Canberra with the Bleiches.

It was awesome! For four days straight we ate candy, had a Glee marathon, and talked. We also stayed up late making videos and taking photos on photo booth. It was so nice being around people other than my family. :-) Here is a video we made:

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On Wednesday my family and I took a surf lesson at Broulee Beach near Batemans Bay, on the East Coast of Australia. Our teacher’s name was Meg. We went on a super hot day, and the freezing water felt really good against my tight wet suit. The beach was great! You can hear the waves roaring, then dragging on the bottom and dying. The waves are great and the sand is super soft. We had so much fun! In fact, we liked it so much, we surfed again on Friday!

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On The Road In Southern Australia

12 noon: driving

We got to feed parrots at the Blue Mountain eco-lodge.

We got to feed parrots at the Blue Mountain eco-lodge.

12:30: still driving

1:00: Guess what? I’m still driving. This pattern goes on for the whole day.

My family and I are driving from the Blue Mountains to Albury, Australia. Yesterday we were in the Blue Mountains at an eco lodge, and now we are in Albury, one out of two stopovers to Phillip Island. Read the rest of this entry »


Three Wicked Stories from Sydney

I have for you three completely different stories all set in Sydney, Australia, where we spent two weeks. They are about a jellyfish, a bat, and a play. They are all really weird and wicked, but I just thought I’d share.

Here I am at the Sydney Harbour waiting for the ferry to Manly.

Here I am at the Sydney Harbour waiting for the ferry to Manly.

A jellyfish

A little while ago, I went swimming in Manly, a beach near Sydney that we took a ferry to. Manly is infested with Portuguese Man O’ Wars, also called blue bottle jellyfish in Australia. A Portuguese Man O’ War is called that because its top looks like a Portuguese battle ship.

We got to Manly and there were signs all over saying to watch out for Portuguese Man O’ Wars. I thought they were just being paranoid because there were crowds of people in the water not getting stung. So, I jumped in and went boogie boarding, ignoring the signs. The waves were huge but the water was shallow for about a quarter-mile out.

About an hour later I came back from boogie boarding and my brother was on the shore. He was crying and on his leg was a giant welt that circled his calf just below his knee. We think he was stung by a dead jellyfish floating on its side, which made it wrap all the way around.

Of course, I stupidly went back out in the water before we had to go.

Of course, a jellyfish stung me. Read the rest of this entry »


Q & A About My Travels

I just passed the halfway point of my trip, and I realized some of you still might not know what I’m doing. I emailed some friends and asked if they had any questions about my trip. Here’s what they asked. Thanks to everyone who asked these questions! You can ask me more questions if you want in the comment field.

Q: What is your favorite part about traveling the world?

A: Definitely seeing new places, because every place is different. For example, our first stop in New Zealand was Auckland (Auckland is a big city). After Auckland we went to Harris Hill in Nelson, which is in a small town with big fields, a huge bay, and lots of hills all around it. Both places were completely different but I still liked being in both of them.

Q: What is your least favorite part about traveling the world? Read the rest of this entry »


New Adventures In New Zealand

Kayaking and camping in Abel Tasman National Park for three days was so fun and amazing.

Kayaking and camping in Abel Tasman National Park for three days was so fun and amazing.

First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing a blog post in so long. So much has happened and I can’t keep track of all of it! Plus, we were on the road a lot. We recently left Nelson, New Zealand, where we lived for two weeks, and went on a three-day kayaking trip in the ocean next to Abel Tasman National Park! If you want to read more about our kayaking and camping, you can on our family blog. Here are some of the cool things that finished off my 2009: Read the rest of this entry »


R & R in Our NZ RV

I’ve traveled by plane, I’ve traveled by bus, I’ve traveled by train, and now I am proud to say I’ve traveled by RV.

Our RV is so cool. I love it!

Our RV is so cool. I love it!

About a week ago, we got our rental RV. Basically, there is a kitchen, a couch, table and benches, a loft, a bathroom, and all these closets and drawers that we keep our stuff in. We are touring the whole North Island of New Zealand. The RV is really bumpy and rattles a lot because of everything in it. My dad is stuck with driving it, so it’s the hardest for him because he has to drive the biggest car he has ever driven while driving on the wrong side of the road! Read the rest of this entry »